Two European giants ready to race for Firmino after Liverpool split

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Two European giants ready to race for Firmino after Liverpool split.

Good stuff, wherever you go, welcome Roberto Firmino, Liverpool  Samba striker, don’t worry about a new career path after the end of this season. When both Barcelona and Inter Milan are ready to open the door. Hunt the net

After eight years at Anfield and seven trophies to his name, Firmino is determine to take on a new challenge at the end of the season. By not renewing the contract that is about to expire

It was previously confirmed by the player’s agent. That Firmino would not agree to sign a pre-contract with any club. In honor of Liverpool that will dedicate until the last day wearing the Reds uniform.

Recently, foreign media played the news that The 31-year-old spearhead will not go down in football life in the future. After parting with Liverpool, of course, by this time there were both Barca and Inter Milan who showed up to his agent. ready to submit a contract for consideration

In addition, there are also some tank clubs from Saudi Arabia. anonymous Ready to pay huge wages, pulling Firmino to be another superstar of the league after Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Al Nasser at the beginning of the year and there are still some Teams trying to get Lionel Messi away from Paris Saint-Germain as well