That may hold Manchester United to reach the dream side

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‘Home’ and ‘away’, the difference that may hold Manchester United to reach the dream side.

Just did not miss a word from the end of the story “The end of the era of Old Trafford Resort & Spa” that Manchester United must careful with the game at Anfield. When it was found that the performance of the away match. Theirs this season are not very good and not very good. When compared to the results of home games.

But it may not be surprising why there has been an atrocities in the last red heat. When Eric Ten Hag can’t read Thai or reach out. He might not be able to change anything anyway.

Because while the performance of Manchester United’s home game this season is beautiful, beautiful, level with a red ribbon It appears that their away game performance is at a level that requires a black bow. mourn for a moment

Last 19 home games, 17 wins, 17 draws and 5 losses,

18 away games, 10 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses,

one of them being the last game Manchester 07 United

Ten Hag might have said before the Liverpool game: “For me it was. (Between home and away) is not different at all. no matter which field The size of the field is the same. There are 3 referees on the field as well. The 4th referee is present in every game. The ball is also spherical. Plus, there’s just as much air in a soccer ball, right?”

What I’m saying is true Perhaps, with what appeared to Manchester United, one would have to say, “Not true!”

Manchester United away matches this season

  • 13/08/22 defeated Brentford 0-4 (Premier League)

    27/08/22 won Southampton 1-0 (Premier League)

    01/09/22 defeated Leicester City 1-0 (Premier League )

    15/09/22 won Sheriff Tiraspol 2-0 (Europa League)

    02/10/22 defeated Manchester City 3-6 (Premier League)

    06/10/22 won Omo Nia Nicosia 3-2 (Europa League)

    09/10/22 Win Everton 2-1 (Premier League)

    22/10/22 Always Chelsea 1-1 (Premier League)

    03/11/ 22 Win Real Sociedad 1-0 (Europa League)

    06/11/22 Defeat Aston Villa 1-3 (Premier League)

    13/11/22 Win Fulham 2-1 (Premier League)

    31 /12/22 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 (Premier League)

    18/01/23 Always Crystal Palace 1-1 (Premier League)

    22/01/23Defeat Arsenal 2-3 (Premier League)

    25/01/23 Win Nottingham Forest 3-0 (Carabao Cup)

    12/02/23 Win Leeds United 2- 0 (Premier League)

    16/02/23 draw Barcelona 2-2 (Europa League)

    05/03/23 defeated Liverpool 0-7 (Premier League)