Bruno opens up to clarify his replacement request

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Bruno opens up to clarify his replacement request after Manchester United were beaten by Liverpool.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes denied. He ask for a substitution before the game. While the team was being chased by Liverpool. Anfield in the Premier League match on Sunday night was red hot.

Red Devils legend Gary Neville. Who acted as commentator for the game, revealed during the match that The Portuguese playmaker has signaled a replacement for Marcus Rashford. Who is about to be substituted from the field, with Erik ten Hag sending Anthony Elanga to play instead. in the 85th minute

By this, Bruno has criticize a lot for behaving inappropriately as the captain’s armband of Manchester United. Including the case that you pushed the back of the linesman late in the game. But this was not written by referee Andy Madley in the report.

However, sources in Manchester United have reportedly revealed that Indeed, the Red Devils midfielder did not want to leave the pitch, as Neville claimed, instead simply signaled to ask Erik ten Hag on the sidelines about his new position. only clear

This was the case with former Red Devils player Ander Herrera in December 2017. When it was report that he had refuse to switch to right-back until the end of the season. As a result, Leicester City were able to successfully equalize. After the game, the Spanish midfielder spoke about this subject. It was all a lie and he was known to have someone trying to fabricate. It to create bad news for himself and the club.