The 7 Worst Effects When You Stay Up Late

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Worst effect when you regularly stay up late

Everyone used to stay up late, which wasn’t a big deal. But if you continue to do so until it becomes a ‘habit’ with you, staying up late can be a nightmare that haunts you forever, as insufficient sleep is detrimental to your health. Definitely more than the black bags under the eyes

1. Skin problems come to visit

This doesn’t need any explanation. I believe that many people already know. because of insufficient sleep Unless you don’t look fresh. It may result in less effective skin regeneration when the body needs rest. And it increases the chance that it will permanently create “not fresh” for your face, such as premature aging symptoms. because the moment you sleep The body automatically restores moisture to the skin. It also produces collagen and proteins that keep your skin firm and repair the wear and tear. Plus, you’re in for a second chance of luck with acne on your face, so there’s no other skincare product that can compare. Go beyond a full night’s sleep. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

2. Say goodbye to sexual arousal

You didn’t read it wrong. Not getting enough sleep can make you incredibly emotionally drained from bed activities. It’s because your body can’t produce enough testosterone. This process only happens when you are in your deepest sleep.

3. super thin hair 

Have we eaten too much MSG? Or is it because the shampoo is not properly applied to the scalp? I may have some. But if you’ve been sleep-deprived for days in a row, research has shown a strong link between hair loss and insomnia. This is because insomnia is often accompanied by stress within the mind. Resulting in hormone levels within the body that may cause “baldness” from the research reveals that More than half of men worldwide are experiencing this problem!

4. Difficult to lose weight

Young people who want to have a slim figure Looks like it’s not working. If you are a late night person, sleep less because when you sleep. Your body regulates the amount of two hormones that affect appetite. These hormones, the first ghrelin and leptin, tell the brain that you are hungry. Personally, the latter will say that you are not hungry. For those who sleep late Scientists have found an increase in ghrelin and a decrease in leptin, which is why you’re rummaging through the fridge late at night. People who want to diet, how much do you think?

5. Sleep less and get drunk!

Is this true? Indeed, according to the Royal Society for Public Health, the human blood alcohol content is approximately 0.10% after 24 hours of sleep deprivation. you too In the middle of the night Because the brain will change short-term memories to long-term memories permanently.

6. Fitness no longer means anything.

Read up to this point. We’re sure you already know some. what happens when you sleep deprived You’ve been lifting dumbbells like crazy. I don’t know how many sit-ups. on the gym for hours Do whatever it takes to build a lean and muscular body. The answer is that all you have done is wasted. Because no muscle mass is built without adequate sleep.

7. Is there anything else to worry about?

Diabetes, heart attack, seizures and death.. that’s it. Don’t get enough sleep. Then the chances of the above diseases will definitely see results soon.