Open 3 beliefs in nutrition for the elderly

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The elderly are another vulnerable group. Causing life to be meticulous with many choices in order to maintain strength in an age when frailty begins to come. Therefore, nutrition for the elderly Therefore it is important to take care because many things are not the same as those of working age.

elderly people with meat 

Many seniors try to avoid meat. Because the infection will bring various diseases to themselves, which is a false belief.

Foods that should really be avoided are: 

  1. Processed meats such as sausages, bacon, ham, Chinese sausage
  2. High-temperature foods such as broiled, broiled, grilled
  3. consumed in excess amounts which will cause other diseases such as obesity, diabetes

how to eat 

  1. Red meat, such as pork and beef. May increase the risk of cancer. should be consumed in moderation and cooked to perfection, not raw or overcooked
  2. Meat, chicken, fish do not increase the risk of disease. But it should also be cook to perfection, not raw or overcooked.

old man with milk 

Many people think that when they get older decreased demand for milk Or do you think milk is just a matter of growing up? But in fact, the elderly are another age that needs milk. because it is not only a source of calcium that help strengthen the bones also a source of protein to help strengthen muscles and prevent illness

Just the vitamins you need

If getting enough food and nutrients and according to the criteria that the body needs There is no need for vitamins or supplements. On the other hand, if you get too much nutrition. It may accumulate until it causes poisoning in the body. or cause a reaction to personal medication. ทางเข้า ufabet