How to wear a face mask correctly?

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Wearing a face mask correctly will help users protect themselves from germs and pollution to their fullest potential. Which should be done for healthy as follows:

How to wear a general hygienic mask?

  • Wash your hands and clean them to prevent infection stuck on your hands UFABET
  • Choose the appropriate size of face mask. If it is a child, you should choose a specific size so that the mask is not too big.
  • Wear a hygienic mask that fits your face properly. With the colored side facing out. and keep the side with the wire on top. If it is a colorless hygienic mask Notice the folds of the mask. If the corner of the fold points downward, that side is the outside of the mask.
  • While wearing a hygienic mask If it’s a mask that requires tying the ends of a string together. Tie the bottom rope at the nape of the neck. The top line is tied around the head. If it’s an elastic strap Place it on both ears. Then squeeze the wire area to fit the nose. This will make the mask fit your face.
  • Pull the mask to cover the mouth, nose, and chin.

Do face masks really protect against germs?

Although there is still no clear confirmation that face masks help protect against germs. But studies have shown that face masks can only prevent infection if they must be used in conjunction with other methods. Such as washing hands regularly. Especially before and after touching sick people. Or receiving a vaccine to protect against certain respiratory diseases To reduce the risk of infection. You should also be careful and avoid being around infected patients. Because even though you wear a hygienic mask, if you get a large amount of infection Or having to share items with sick people risks infection.