5 Types of Food That Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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irritable bowel syndrome It is a disease that is easily found in modern times. Probably because of the changing of the global society. Who needs speed in daily life, hurry to find, hurry, eat, hurry, use, hurry, then the problem arises with the stomach system. Or the location of food in the body that he needs to hurry with us.

processed food

Highly processed foods have fewer enzymes and microorganisms in the food. Can be sold in stores for a long time will cause the body to use very high energy to digest As a result, the intestines are weakened. the liver works hard The microbial balance quickly shifts from digestion to nutrients to destruction of food. This way will feed the microorganisms back to the intestines, however, it is unlikely to recover very well. Therefore, those who love the intestines or patients with intestinal disease should reduce the frequency of eating fast food once in a while to try to eat to train the intestines, no damage.

food and coolness

stomach and small intestine Requires quite a lot of fire element to digest Eating cold food will cause incomplete digestion The fire element in digestion is called “Fire Paranamakhi”, if this fire element is lowered will cause the wind in the stomach not to be pushed down to the bottom But will blow up to the top, causing the cork to become tight or hurt the stomach Many people see that stomach pain must hurry up to eat herbs that are cool. It will create more problems. During irritable bowel syndrome, you should reduce your intake of cold water, ice, coconut water, soy milk, iced tea, and vegetable smoothies.

Once again, it is recommended to reduce, not abstain from eating, but once in a while. Another element of fire that is equally important is “Phi Santapakki” – a warm fire. People with irritable bowel syndrome will have a cold inside the body. If the fire is warm and the body is lowered, it will make you feel anxious and insecure. The basic solution is to Hug a very hot bag Compress the chest or abdomen, it will help.

Late dinner

The more you eat late at night The body will be exhausted. Because it has to produce enzymes to decompose and destroy food. Sleep helps repair the body. add essential nutrients If we take sleep time to destroy food will cause the digestive system to be exhausted in digestion later in the day It’s okay to eat late one day. But if done regularly, it will result in a large increase in bad microorganisms. Generate gas quickly body odor and bad breath that we don’t want

foods that are easily allergic

When we eat foods that the body is allergic to, it easily causes heat and inflammation in the intestines. Foods that Thai people should not eat too often, such as cow’s milk, wheat flour, soybeans, and large amounts of seafood. large amounts of sugar If we are still not confident in our own intestines, avoid eating first. Eating continuously will cause allergy symptoms. Chronic skin allergies due to leaky gut syndrome. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/